Even if you strive to live an anti-racist life, you should always seek opportunities to continue to develop this mindset. While you can read books on the topic, another good option is to enroll in an anti-racism course. Many of these courses take place online, which will allow you to complete the course at a pace that best suits your schedule. You'll learn a wide range of subject matter in an anti-racism course that will help you better understand racism so that you only avoid making racist comments, and so you also know what to say when someone around you says something insensitive. If you're in one of the following positions, an anti-racism course is especially a good idea.


When you manage a team at work, your employees count on you to set a good example, including topics that concern race. Occasionally, the topic of race may come up when you're speaking to your team, and you need to know how to address this properly. An anti-racism course can make you feel more confident about talking about race in a manner that doesn't upset any of your employees. Many companies have workforces that are highly diverse, so seeking this type of training will go a long way to ensure that your team feels comfortable.

Sports Coach

If you coach a youth sports team, enrolling in an anti-racism course can also be a good idea. Unfortunately, racist comments can occur in sports. For example, in the heat of competition, one player may say something extremely hurtful to an opponent. Your anti-racism training will help you to set a positive example so that your own players follow your lead concerning this topic. You want to be confident that none of your players would make a hurtful remark and, if an opponent were to say something hurtful to one of your own, you'd have the understanding to talk to this player and/or their coach after the game.

Security Officer

Security officers hold positions of authority, and it's important for those in this position to understand how to deal with issues of race. If you work in this role, an anti-racism course will give you the tools that can help you in your daily interactions with people of all colors. No security officer wants someone to accuse them of acting in a manner that is consistent with systemic racism. This course will help you to better understand this topic so that your interactions and conversations with people are not in alignment with systemic racism.

Look online to find an anti-racism course, such as Reconciliation Education.