An early childhood learning center may be a part of a public school, a daycare center, or a privately owned center for children who are not yet old enough to be enrolled in traditional primary schools. These centers are often also called head-start programs or preschool. Normally, children between the ages of 3 and 5 can be enrolled in early childhood learning centers. These are some of the different subjects that are often taught in early childhood learning centers.

Social Skills and Hygiene

One of the first things that young children are taught is proper social skills. This includes how to share with others, how to use proper manners, and what type of behavior is considered acceptable and unacceptable. Not every child matures at the same pace. Therefore, it may take longer for some students to learn social skills than others.  For example, at such a young age, some students may still have not mastered proper personal hygiene. If needed, they will be given proper potty training, taught to wash hands frequently, and even taught how to brush their teeth.

Art and Music Appreciation

Students of an early childhood learning center are also taught to appreciate art. This is done by teaching each child the name of colors and allowing them to express themselves through drawing, coloring with crayons, or using finger paints. Students are taught about music as well. Teachers may teach the students children's songs, play music and music videos, or show them the different sounds that are made by certain musical instruments. This often helps students discover if they are artistically or musically gifted at a very young age. It also encourages students to appreciate art and music.

Reading, Writing, and Math

To better prepare the students for primary school, they may be taught simple reading, writing, and math skills. This often includes helping students learn to read short, age-appropriate books, print their names, and how to do simple addition problems. However, these subjects are normally done in a fun way that is on the student's level so they will enjoy learning without the stress of being graded. For example, teachers may present reading, writing, and math as games the students will play together.

Early childhood learning centers are beneficial to both students and parents. Students are learning important skills in a safe and fun environment and parents have the ability to work and earn an income while their children are in class.